Fully featured vocal tuning suite

Acquisition by Brainworx Audio

We are happy to announce that the CrispyTuner and its pitch correction algorithm have been acquired by Brainworx Audio!

Therefore, the CrispyTuner is not available for purchase anymore.

In its place, Brainworx has released the bx_crispytuner, which is the official continuation of the CrispyTuner.
It irons out some of the CrispyTuner’s rough edges, making it easier to use while retaining the brilliant sound quality of the original plugin.

What does this mean for existing customers?

All CrispyTuner customers have received an e-mail with a key for bx_crispytuner to the e-mail address they purchased the CrispyTuner with.
If you haven't received such an e-mail, please contact our support.

If you prefer to keep using the CrispyTuner instead, that’s no problem - the CrispyTuner will stay accessible on this website, and your existing license key will continue to work. However, there are no updates planned, and bugfixes and new features will only be available in the bx_crispytuner.

Thanks for your continued support, and as always - stay tuned 😉

- The CrispyTuner team