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CrispyTuner version history


07 July 2020
  • Fix rare crashes when opening a saved Ableton Live set


02 July 2020
  • Fixed some users being unable to start the free trial


27 June 2020
  • Added Pro Tools (AAX) support
  • Further increased maximum GUI size
  • Fixed a rare crash at startup in trial mode


23 June 2020
  • Fixed ReWire issues introduced in previous version


22 June 2020
  • Added root/scale automation parameters
  • Fixed ReWire issues in Studio One


21 June 2020
  • Advanced mode: Add pitch detection range preset dropdown
  • Improve stereo channel support in REAPER
  • Added 32-bit version for Windows


17 June 2020
  • Graphical mode: Vibrato tool now enables vibrato to avoid confusion
  • Default to mixing mode, initially reporting the higher latency for better support of DAWs that don't handle latency changes well
  • Fix text in license activation screen's alert box getting cut off


15 June 2020
  • Graphical mode: Fix a rare issue of short notes disappearing when being glued


14 June 2020
  • Add support for stereo channel configurations


14 June 2020
  • Fixed CrispyReWireDevice causing a crash when closing Ableton Live
  • Fixed GUI sometimes being unclickable when opening the first time


13 June 2020
  • Added 7-day trial
  • Graphical mode: scrolling while holding Cmd/Ctrl zooms in/out
  • Graphical mode: scrolling while holding Shift zooms horizontally instead of vertically (and vice versa)


11 June 2020
  • Increased maximum GUI size
  • Remember GUI size when closing and re-opening the GUI
  • Added hotkey information to help tooltips
  • Graphical mode: made it clearer which notes are enabled/disabled by adding an X icon to disabled notes
  • Added support for macOS 10.11


29 May 2020
Initial release